mushroom learning networkThis platform is created to bring together all current and future mushroom growers using organic waste, as a proposal to generate revenue, process waste, produce healthy food competitively and work on developing a local and robust economic eco-system.

– This Network is founded on SHARING –

Convinced that each person and participant have something to learn, to gain from it, consequently ensuring her or his activities are more successful, reducing errors and enhancing new solutions. All members, however new, of whatever age, with whatever background, will find they can learn and all members will have valuable information to contribute. Diversity and real-practical experience is at the heart of the richness and value this Network can generate. Therefore MLN works on the basis that we will be more successful when we work together and share what we learn and what we know. Members are aware that in-depth, trustworthy information about this technology and its application into small businesses is still quite limited.

This ‘closed’ environment will allow us to openly share valuable lessons and information. It is a place of mutual respect, where we recognise the sources of the things we learn and acquire. (To respect this mutual need and agreement, please do not share your password.)

Practical information

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You can contact us at: info [at] rotterzwam [dot] nl

Our Sources

This platform and network has been made possible thanks to:

The more this is shared and used, the richer this platform will be to all its users.

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