Every year the MLN organizes a weekend long event based on sharing, learning and knowledge exchange. The format is roughly the same every year. The participants decide on the content on the spot.

Format MLN programThe organizer arranges a place for the venue / activities. The idea is that nobody is earning money from these events. So the costs are just to cover the costs. In most cases the contribution you pay is anywhere between €50 and €100

1st MLN – 2013 – @ Rotterdam, Netherlands

The very first MLN weekend was organised in Rotterdam. On 12 en 13 October 2013 we got to know about all the small projects being initiated through Europe. See this blog article for more information.

2d MNL – 2014 – @ Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

The second MLN was in 2014 in Liege. There was room for different projects to present there ambitions and there challenges. Together we expanded the network and challenged the problems. See this blog article for more information.

3d MLN – 2015 – @ Paris, France

The third MLN was in 2015 in Paris. Under the watchful eye of the Eifel tower we offered experience on marketing & branding, technical aspects and much more. See this blog article for more information.

4th MLN – 2016 – @ Kopenhagen, Denmark

5th MLN – 2017 – @ Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Feedback of participants

It was a fantastic week-end. I really enjoy to discover so many persons from different country who have the same passion than me for the mushroom. I don’t have a specific project about the business of mushroom yet, but as a member of le Sens de K’humus and as someone quite involved into the permaculture movement I’m really interested by the low tech applications. It was really useful to discover and to participate to this network.” – Christophe Bichon

Many thanks to all involved. It was a pleasure to meet a great group of people, with a great ethos and common goals. Its been a great opportunity to share and gain information and I look forward to the future within this group.” – Luke Osborne

This weekend made me realise that being part of the MLN is a great opportunity to meet like minded entrepreneurs who share the same goals.” – Waqar Choudhry

We, “Hut & Stiel – Die Wiener Pilzkultur” from Vienna/Austria, participated in the Fungi Camp 2015 in Paris. As we are a quite young enterprise we really learned a lot from the more advanced mushroom cultivators. Sharing ideas and knowledge, along with meeting all the awesome people of the network, made this weekend a great a valuable experience for us.” – Florian & Manuel

As a near complete beginner to the wonderful world of mushroom, I have had the chance to meet some of the key innovators and entrepreneurs that are growing mushrooms, and other related high value products in Europe. I have learnt a lot at a micro and macro  level of real business experiences. Great group of people, sharing and building value together.” – Tom

Cross fertilisation, new ideas, energy. Fix concepts, best practice, technical informations. Nice recipes drive, power too continue.” – Jürgen Engerisser

Dear Camilla, you have done a great job. Positive energy is always inspiring and gives me wind in the back to continue! Srdačan pozdrav.” – Ivanka

MLN-Paris was nice to reinforce links between participant and discover new projects around europe. Thank you for your implication. We should maybe make some more links with existing networks : Transition, European Biomimicry Alliance.” – Stephan

Amazing people, amazing 1.5 days! MLN is a fantastic community. Glad, Gomoka is now also part of it. Apart from spending great time together with people with similar interests and challenges, I got replies to many of our pressing questions. I left with new courage and with many ideas to consider for our crowdfunding campaign and startup. Thank you! Can’t wait for the next Camp to contribute with Gomoka’s experiences! 🙂” – Csilla Hajdu

If you want to host a MLN conference please get in contact.



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