internshipYou want to start your own local mushroom farm, or do you just want to grow mushrooms at home but you don´t know how to get started? You want to learn how to cultivate mushrooms hands-on and not waste too much time searching the internet for information you probably won´t even need?

Check out your network and see who already converts coffee grounds or other waste products into delicious mushrooms, because you might have the chance to learn from experienced experts. According to the spirit of the Blue Economy and Open Source, many members of the MLN provide mushroom services to teach people how to grow mushrooms.

To make it easier for you to find the one nearest to your home we have collected all the relevant information for you. Diverse topics will be addressed within the workshops and internships, such as main aspects of the growing process, breeding methods, technical equipment, layout and conditioning of the growing facilities, legal & financial aspects, marketing, and many more.

Of course the content of the seminars might not be the same in every country or company but the most valuable lesson is to learn from the experience of experts which will prevent you from making the same mistakes as they did, which gives you a head start for your endeavour. You can cut 8 to 12 months of your learning curve by attending one of these sessions.

For detailed information about the content please visit the website of the company you want to visit and get in contact with them.

4 day mushroom internship [beginners] @ RotterZwam [Rotterdam, Netherlands] – More info here

5 day mushroom internship [advanced] @ Sistem EkoFungi [Belgrade, Serbia] – More info here

mushroom consulting by GandaZwam [Gent, Belgium] – More info here

mushroom workshops by Blu-France [Paris, France] – More info here

mushroom workshops by PermaFungi [Brussel, Belgium] – More info here

If you already have a mushroom business running and you want your services to be on this page, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will insert your information to the list. (E-Mail to:

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